The Ecumenical Church welcomes people of all faiths who believe in Jesus Christ and want to come together as a church family. Experience a blended Worship Service, serve in one of our many ministries, take a stroll in the Stanelle Paradise Memorial Garden, or find state-certified quality Christian Childcare at Kinderkirk where we are all One in Christ. 

Home of Kinderkirk Preschool and Childcare and the Stanelle Paradise Memorial Garden.


When folks began moving into what is now Pueblo West, Colorado, there were only a few options for church attendance. Our community began when people from a variety of Christian backgrounds and church affiliations found themselves coming together for Sunday Worship. With the help of the American Baptists and the Presbyterians, The Ecumenical Church of Pueblo West was formed in 1972. In the Apostles' Creed folks say "We believe in one holy Catholic (universal or ecumenical) Church." We live that out.

The Ecumenical Church has a wonderful mix of backgrounds and theologies. It reflects the whole Body of Christ, which is what we are:   honoring all beliefs and all people where everyone is welcome! 

Board of Directors


Joyce Coffman

Lona Grillos

Nancy Keller

Margaret Maxwell

Randy Schade

Non-voting Members:

Stacey Burns

Reverend Duncan Miller

Ashley Sparks

ECOPW Staff:

Interim Pastor - Reverend Duncan Miller
Associate Pastor - Rev. Marge Valentine

Associate Pastor - Rev. Carol Wagner
Hands and Feet Outreach - Stacey Burns
Kinderkirk Director -  Natalie Saler


Contact the church office at  719.547.3088

Duncan on Pyramid.jpeg

Pastor Duncan is an avid climber of fourteeners. He is shown summitting Pyramid Peak, a 14,000 foot mountain in Colorado which is the 47th highest peak in the state and 78th highest in the United States.