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History of The Ecumenical Church of Pueblo West

When folks began moving into what is now Pueblo West, Colorado, there were only a few options for church attendance. What was available wasn’t particularly welcoming to folks who were not from their particular denomination. As they began to come together, people realized they were coming from many different backgrounds. Some were Lutheran, some Methodists, some were Baptists and some were Presbyterian. When they went to various groups, the only two who would sponsor a new church that would welcome folks from such diverse backgrounds were the American Baptists and the Presbyterians. In October of 1972, The Ecumenical Church of Pueblo West was chartered.

The Church remains true to this original mission where "all are welcome." Differences of faith are embraced, as everyone is a Christian, and we are all "One in Christ." ECOPW also continues to evolve and expand, offering a Sunday Worship Service at 10:00 am.

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